Stock Update

12th AprilUK
(week commencing)
E1016120KANGAVITES BOUNCING BERRY MLTIBeing Manufactured13-May60 SizeE1015
E1110120WILD ALASKAN OMEGA SOFTGELSBeing Manufactured13-MayFish oil concentrate for now - contains omega 3 only (WASO includes other fatty acids, D, Astaxanthin)E1760
E11550ANTIOXIDANT NUTRIENT TABLETSBeing Manufactured13-MayAdvanced Antioxidant Formula E1033
E116100ANTIOXIDANT NUTRIENT TABLETSBeing Manufactured13-MayAdvanced Antioxidant Formula E1033
E11860ANTIOXIDANT FREE RADICAL MODBeing ManufacturedNo date availableAdvanced Antioxidant Formula E1033
E118030FORMULA VM 75 TABLETSBeing ManufacturedNo date available60 sizeE1181
E119790GARLIC VCAPS 500 MGBeing Manufactured22-AprGarlic Oil Pearle SoftgelsE1220
E125460L-GLUTAMINE 1000 MGBeing ManufacturedNo date availableGlutamine 500mg or Glutamine powderE1320 / E23943
E1500250KELP TABLETSBeing ManufacturedNo date availableNo alternative
E1700E50L-LYSINE 1000MG TABLETSBeing Manufactured13-MayLysine 500mgE1680
E1702E250L-LYSINE 1000MG TABLETSBeing Manufactured13-MayLysine 500mg capsE1680
E1735E60SKIN NAILS & HAIRBeing ManufacturedNo date availableCould consider MSM alone (big part of SNH)E1733
E1736E120SKIN NAILS & HAIRBeing ManufacturedNo date availableCould consider MSM alone (big part of SNH)E1733
E2315E200PSYLLIUM HUSKS FIBRE VCAPSBeing Manufactured13-MayMulti fibre formula (Includes psyllium and other fibresE1787
E264150UBIQUINOL 100MG SOFTGELSBeing ManufacturedNo date availableQ10 100mg E947 or Q10 200mg to make up for Ubiquinol being more active form (expensive)E948
E277030ULTIMATE B PLUS CBeing Manufactured27-May60 size availableE2771
E3560ADVANCED CAROTENOID COMPLEXBeing ManufacturedNo date availablecould consider Beta Carotene as some other carotenoids presentor Lutein Lycopene (bit more expensive)E2030 / E1671
E36214E60BETA GLUCANS & ELDERBERRY COMPBeing Manufactured29-AprBeta Glucans E235 and D2,200iu E3316E235 & E3316
E3621560SAGE LEAF EXTRACT VEGI CAPS 150 MGBeing ManufacturedNo date availableno direct alternative, could consider Botanical Female if for menopause
E5290760VITAMIN D3 4000 IU VEG CAPSIn transit15-Apr120 sizeE52908
E5406190MULTIPLUS CARDIO ESSENTIALSBeing Manufactured13-MayMulti, eg. VM75 (E1181) plus Q10 100mgE947
E55760CARDIOVASCULAR SUPPORT TABBeing Manufactured22-AprHomocysteine Mod, plus Nutri Nano Q10 (more active form)E1410
E700E100CHELATED MAGNESIUM TABLETSBeing ManufacturedNo date availableMagnesium Citrate (200mg per tablet instead of 100mg)E1710
Due to the complex process of manufacturing the dates given could be subject to change
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