Ant-Ageing: Renewal


Anti-Ageing: Renewal

Nutri-Nano CoQ-10

With increasingly busy lifestyles and environmental factors, we all need a boost to help renew our skin. Nutri Nano™ CoQ-10 has 3.1x better absorption than traditional CoQ-10† due to its patented nano-technology. Replenish skin from within with this coenzyme that has been shown in research to support maintenance of skin firmness (16,17)

Anti-ageing renewal

Effectively fight wrinkles from within - may reduce wrinkle appearance and help to prevent wrinkle formation

Replenish CoQ-10 levels

CoQ-10 is an enzyme produced naturally in the human body, found in every cell and tissue. With age, CoQ-10 levels decrease and with it the ability of cells to regenerate

Supports skin firmness

Avoiding wrinkles from appearing, especially on areas most exposed to UV rays (17)

Clinically proven better absorption for superior efficacy

Nutri-Nano™ CoQ-10 has 3.1x better bioavailability than traditional powdered CoQ-10 products (18), and twice as bioavailable as oil-based CoQ-10 (18)

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